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Our know-how

We have a solid methodology foundation and knowledge-base built up over more than fifteen years. This has been enhanced and extended to encompass each new wave of technological change; and investment is ongoing to ensure we remain at the forefront.

Our methods and know-how stem from research originally undertaken at Harvard by Richard Nolan and David Norton. They are designed to bridge the gap between the intuitive, radical thinking needed to create strategy and the highly analytical methods needed to codify different dimensions of IT for performance measurement and management.

An extensive history of client projects has enabled us to hone these methods to ensure practicability of technique and robustness of the conclusions. It has also contributed to a knowledge-base of performance metrics and best practice from a wide range of business sectors. As a result of our experience, our approach is particularly appropriate to multinational organisations, where the cultural and geographical overlays create additional management complexity.

Graham Nixon joined KPMG/Nolan Norton in the late 80's. He led the teams which built on the Nolan Norton methodologies, ultimately developing a pan-European service as KPMG's European Lead Partner of the World Class IT Practice. KMPG have now licensed this material to NixonBrooke and many of our people have come from this background.


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