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Strategic Programme Management

Business initiatives are becoming more complex and so managing a strategic programme today is a demanding challenge which should not be underestimated. Many weaknesses are built in unwittingly when the programme is being set up, and are avoidable.

We provide programme-level advice and guidance to enable you to deliver your programme successfully.

1 Programme Definition
We work with you to define the shape of the overall programme and assemble its components into workable groupings. We focus on work stream interactions to create programme-level integration, while allowing high levels of project autonomy.

2 Programme Management Framework
We advise you on the structures and internal and external processes appropriate to managing your programme. We design and set up the programme office and its reporting systems, which sits above the project structures.

3 Health Check and Troubleshooting
Our review service covers all aspects of managing a strategic programme, highlights issues, recommends corrective action and creates buy-in to it. Our health check can be used at different times in a programme's life.

4 Implementation Support
We are often invited to remain with a strategic programme during its implementation in both steering and assurance roles.

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